Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dead Sister

Dear Peregrin,

hi, my mom had a dream over 6 months ago..and it's still on her i took it upon myself to send the dream to you for interpetation...she dreamt she was in an area which was beautiful, pastures...she was standin on top of a hill...she sees a cave down below and there seems to be some sort of fire in the cave...she then sees a few people throwing her deceised sister into the fire in the she stood on top of the hill she feels a touch on her shoulder from the back, she turns and sees her sister...and asks what's going on...sister says that they do this to me a few times a day...throw me into the fire...the dream ends here....can you help interpert this for her and get it off her mind...!......

thank you


Good morning, Laura.

I get the impression that letting go is the issue here. The dream weighs upon your mother's mind because she still feels the pain of her sister's death - was it less than two years ago?

I recall a similar dream question that I answered recently - about the family sitting in a pool of water. I see some similar themes here, particularly in the concern your mother seems to have for the afterlife of her relatives. Souls condemned to hell are said to be thrown into fire. But this only happens once, while in your mother's dream the sister is thrown into the fire repeatedly. To me, this says that her eventual fate is unkown to your mother, and this worries her a great deal - possibly she thinks about it several times a day?

These dreams speak to me of grieving still in progress. Some psychologists say that the grief process should take about two years to complete, but this is not always the case, especially in situations where several people are lost at or near the same time. I've seen grief cause clinical depression which lasted for several years, so just understanding the message behind the dream may not be enough to get it off her mind.

It's quite possible, however, that a few private counselling sessions could do a world of good. A minister or priest may be a good choice for this context, but it would have to be someone your mother trusts enough to open up to. I am certain that your willingness to listen is already of great benefit to her.

Pleasant dreams,


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