Friday, November 30, 2012

Tigers chase Son

Two Tigers were chasing my son. He was running to the car and I knew I would have to open the door to let him in when he got close. I also knew the tiger could possibly get in, but would have to take the chance. His father was outside the car and would possibly block him from getting to safety. I yelled at him to move out of the way ... I woke up

Good morning, Tamz.

The situation represented in this dream could speak of a danger to your child, or of something else about which you feel maternal (a pet, or a project - anything which could be called "your baby"). The two tigers are two separate threats, and the only options you can follow will put you at some risk. Your husband in this dream represents a partner who should feel as strongly about the situation as you do, but for some reason does not, and stands in your way.

I believe that the reason you had this dream is to let you know that you will have to tell the "partner" that he is not helping, and that he should stand aside to let you do your job.

Pleasant dreams,


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