Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Marriage and Babies

The setting was in early 1900's , it was all in black and white. I dreamt that I got married to a dark skin man and we had 30 babies at once. Also his mother didn't like the way I was taking care of the babes.
Good morning, dreamer.

The mind uses historic scenes in a couple of different ways. One is to reflect upon "old-fashioned" values, another is to illustrate a situation which is in the past, and out of our control to remedy. I think that your dream is more of the second type.

You got married and had 30 children all at once. This is representative of both a lifelong commitment, and several responsibilities, all beginning at the same time. The criticism of the mother stands for criticism of any source which is once-removed from the situation - the source is not responsible, and does not contribute, therefore has no right to criticize.

I'm not sure what the hue of the husband's skin means to you. It could have many different implications, all of which depend upon how you were raised to view people with skin darker than yours. A great many light-skinned people regard those with darker skin in several negative lights (disclaimer: I do not advocate this view, I only point out its existence), ranging from lower-class to downright evil. You'll have to examine how you felt about this aspect of the dream. I can tell you that it directly relates to the lifelong commitment that the dream comments upon. Given the time setting of the dream, it could even indicate a "scandalous" relationship.

Pleasant dreams,


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