Monday, December 3, 2012

School Singers

Dear Peregrin,

I always seem to have dreams about school.

Last night I dreamt that I was at school in my classroom and I was with a bunch of my friends and my best mate. I didn't have my proper school uniform on and my teacher kept telling me to put it on but I kept saying no. Then the two guys I like came into the room and started singing. My best friends walked up to me and said 'oh that's troy he's a great singer'. they just kept on singing. Another teacher walked in with a lot of paints and said that we had to create a master piece we all ended up having a paint fight and having a lot of fun. by this point the two guys had stopped singing and were joining in.

This was a short dream but very weird

Good morning, Lauren.

I wouldn't attach any special significance to the fact that most of your dreams are set in school. This is, after all, where you spend the majority of your time, so it's only natural that your dreams would use the same images. You'll find that you still have dreams at school, even decades after graduation, because of the years you've spent there.

The symbols in this dream seem as disjointed in their meaning as they are in appearance. You're out of uniform - a statement on your non-conformist (and rebellious) attitudes. You'd rather be yourself than try to be like everyone else, and resist efforts to make you conform.

The two boys you like enter the class and sing, and your friend comments upon how well one of them sings. This sounds like you're expressing a preference for Troy (the better singer). Often a friend in a dream is just yourself in disguise, giving you advice from a source that you trust.

You have a paint fight when you're supposed to be creating a masterpiece - your creativity lies in different areas than what is expected of you. Again you refuse to conform to what is expected by authority figures, but you do conform with your peer group - everyone is involved in the paint fight.

There's a darker interpretation possible as well.

To sing is sometimes used as a euphemism for ratting someone out - informing on them. And to be involved in a paint fight can be taken as an attempt to paint others with colors that are not their own - to make them out to be someone they're not. I don't endorse this interpretation, however, because of your feelings when you awoke - amused, not upset at all.

Pleasant dreams,


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