Monday, November 12, 2012

Fix my AC

Dear Peregrin,

I had this dream over the weekend where I was in a "fancy" restaurant with another girl, who was obviously a friend but I never identified who she was.

Then these 2 guys came up to us and asked us to dance (I had no idea who they were, but I felt very comfortable with them). My friend was "fast" dancing with 1 guy, but I only wanted to "slow" dance, so the other guy and I just slow danced to the fast music. Next, the guy and I sat down at a table and there were all these little triangle shaped cards with little "fortunes" written on them (kind of like the sayings you find in a magic 8 ball). He was reading them, and we were laughing having a good time (but my friend and the other guy were not there anymore).

The next thing I remember is I was at my house all alone, and the heater or the air-conditioner was broken, so I called the guy and asked him to come over with intentions of him fixing it, but he thought that I wanted him to come over to sleep with him, and he said "no I can't do that to you", but I explained and he came over in the middle of the night to fix it. When he got there, I showed him into the basement and he climbed through this little hole in the wall to fix it. Then I woke up.

Thank you very much,

Good morning, Ashley.

The friend you are in the restaurant with is no one specific, which actually makes it easier. She either represents a part of yourself, or just the idea of a friend. When you dream of a specific friend, there is the added possibility that she represents herself - we don't have that worry here.

When the guys come in a pair as well, this tells me that the generic friend is actually a part of your own personality. This becomes evident when you dance. She and her date fast-dance with the music, while you and yours slow-dance, even though the music doesn't fit that. What is going on here is, you are making the decision to take this relationship at your own pace, despite outside pressure to move faster. Later on your fast-paced "friend" disappears - you have abandoned that path in favor of the more relaxed one.

You're looking at the "fortune cookie" triangles and laughing over them. This part seems like a defiance against fate, or against what other people say should happen. Again, you are "dancing to your own beat." You reject what you are told will happen - laughing at fate.

The third part of your dream - where you ask him to fix your heating/cooling system and he misunderstands - is still somewhat filled with sexual symbolism. Specifically, he must enter the hole in the basement to fix the problem. The reason that this is easy to misunderstand is that there is a dichotomy here. Yes, there is some sexual desire being expressed, but that it not the totality of it. What you really desire is the intimacy of love, not the shallow emptiness of lust. The basement of your house is the innermost part of your psyche, the depths of your soul. The broken a/c unit can even be considered your "heart."

What I'm getting from this is, you are possibly just getting over a bad relationship (broken heart). This dream is defining to yourself just what you are looking for in life - intimacy and love on your own terms, at your own pace, with someone who will not take advantage of you on the rebound.

Pleasant dreams,


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