Wednesday, November 28, 2012

All Women's Club except Matt

I was going to this house for a meeting of all women. I went with my friend Jasmine. She was a member and I was thinking of joining. While there we heard a car horn and no one had a phone to call and let the people in so I ran to where they where. I ran pretty far and while running I was like in between a lot of trees and fog. I felt really good running. I remember smiling and running really fast. When I got there to let the people in there was like 15 women so they all followed me back. Then when we got back I was leaving with my friend Matt who was there all of a sudden. I ran to him and jumped on him and he carried me for a bit. Then there was this song playing and I didn't' like it and he loved it I said to him, "I hate you music Matt but don't' worry I still love you. " He asked me who I came with and I said this women's name and I describing her. He asked me if she was the ugly one and I said yes. He then puked like 3 times. The puke was so memorable it was really gross. He stuck his entire head on the ground and puked so much he was gargling in it. I then was thinking maybe he was drunk, but he said no she was that ugly. Just then we where back getting ready to go into my dorm and the lady who held the meeting (I've seen her from a couple classes her name is Colin) she was handing out really pretty necklaces and bibles and everyone got one. Then I went up to get mine and she glared at me, so I just said well thanks bye. And she just kept staring with a I want to kill you look!

I've never done this so I don't' know if I am suppose to type anything else. But um Matt is a really Metrosexualy acting guy. He is a friend, but we don't' get along very well. I thought that might help.

Good morning, Jennifer
A good portion of this dream sounds like a personal acknowledgement of your own animus - masculine side, if you will. The thing to remember is, most dream characters reflect upon the dreamer in one way or another, so in one sense, everybody in the dream is you. So when you tell Matt that you love him despite his taste in music, you are saying to your animus, "Yes, I know you exist and I accept you, even if I don't like all the implications."

Part of this analysis comes from the women's club. Every other person there (facets of your own personality) is female, and you're considering joining. This would, essentially, exclude your animus, which you are not willing to do. In fact, there are other aspects of your personality which you find more objectionable, as outlined by Matt's violently ill reaction to the ugliness of the woman who brought you to the meeting.

Of course, the dream isn't only about you and your selves, it's also about your current situation, which is probably what brought up these symbols. You're facing a decision to choose one path or the other, both of which are mutually exclusive. The women's club represents one path, and Matt represents the other. You seem to be leaning toward the choice which Matt represents, which could be indicative of judging based upon looks (again, to guess based upon Matt's reaction).

Your life, your choices. However, this course of action is disapproved by some - either peers, or even yourself in the form of guilt. The woman handing out jewelry and bibles denies them to you, indicating you feel unworthy (or are being made to feel unworthy) in some way - both of physical and spiritual rewards.
I can't identify the situation any further than that, but hopefully you will get an idea from what we have so far.

Pleasant dreams,


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