Friday, November 16, 2012

Thrown Ice

Was on a boat with someone I used to know well. It was docked then I started steering it then it halted all of a sudden, so I steered it back to the dock. Then the person that used to be my friend is drinking a cup of water full of ice and just throws the cup across the boat, making the ice fly everywhere. We laughed but the whole time I thought what in the hell are you doing?

Thanks this baffles me

Good morning, Jesser.

There's water throughout this dream, which always points to emotion. When the friend and you are on the boat together, this points toward the relationship you have with this person. The relationship halted, like the boat, so you ended it. The friend drinks a cup of water (consuming the emotions), then throws ice - frozen water, indication emotions gone cold and hard. This is a conflicting emotional situation, so your confusion is not surprising in the least.

I think it's possible that you feel sad about yourself because you blame yourself for the friendship's end. You were steering the boat when it stopped, you made the decision to dock.

Pleasant dreams,


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