Friday, November 23, 2012

This is a Supermarket?


I had this dream: I walked out of my mum's house to go to the supermarket (Vons) and when I got there it was someone else's place with all of my dad's friends in it. And I used their printer to print out a lot of guitar tabs. They started talking to me so I set them aside on the bed for a minute and sat down as well. They said that's a lot of guitar tabs. I'm glad you're doing it. Then this girl that's sitting next to me says she broke up with a guy cause she slept with another, (her relations weren't with anyone I knew, just some guys names) and I said "good job slut." She said did you just call me a slut? Then I said it's another word for promiscuous, it's exactly what you did. Then, she turns into a cat! I didn't realize this until I had my hands on her, fighting. She got offended, and I thought it was hilarious. Like she couldn't deal with what she was. She didn't do anything, but I could feel the claws on my skin-she didn't scratch me, just got all pissy. So then I got my guitar tabs, and left. Odd part...I don't think all of my dad's friends really noticed this girl?

Good morning, Jesser.

The dream starts with you going on a simple errand, which turns into something else. Some duty or favor that you've agreed to may be turning into more of a responsibility that you expected.

I think that your dad's friends did not notice the girl because the dream seemed to be about two different social circles. You're a part of both, but neither interacts with the other.

The first is represented by your dad's friend, where you're printing the guitar tabs. This, too, sounds like a work situation to me, with the tabs being a responsibility that you're taking on. This earns you respect from one of his friends (he's glad you're doing it), someone of an older peer group than you normally associate with.

The girl turning into a cat is a direct reference to someone being "catty" with you. It's important to note that, even though you fight, she does you no real damage. Obviously, you don't feel threatened by her real-life counterpart (whomever that may be). Just as obviously, you feel that you're in the right about your disagreement - extremely righteous, as a matter of fact.

Pleasant dreams,


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