Friday, May 20, 2011

Has the Journey Started?

Hi Peregrin,

This is a dream I dreamed over two years ago, much has changed in my life since. Perhaps your interpretation will help me choose choices I am now at liberty to choose.

The ship is moored at port as I boarded a cruise liner with my two sons. The weather was cold and there was snow on the ground. The three of us walked onto the open deck of the ship still moored to the wharf. We noticed a beautiful woman preparing to sit down across the aisle. We all sit down on lounge chairs. My youngest son was so enamoured by the grace of the woman that he walked up to her and told her she is beautiful.

Just then the man I love kisses me full on the lips before I had a chance to identify him, but I knew it was him.

I saw my lover looking at the beautiful woman and then he told me he will not be long. He walked over to the woman and she gave him a bunch of keys. He returned to me and told me he would explain all soon and I trust him completely to do so. I felt a little cold and told my love so. He called for a steward. After some time without a response he explained to me, "No one is available to supply a blanket for extra warmth." He added, "You realise we are 3 days too early." He paused slightly then informed me "I have to go and I will explain things to you when I get back."

After he left I decide to explore the ship a little and walked down a few steps to a lower inside deck. I stopped at one of the portholes and peered out of the partially frosted glass. As I looked out of the window I managed to see foot prints appearing in the snow at the wharfs edge. This was strange to me because there was not a person in sight who could have produced these snow prints. I banged very hard with the heel of my palm on the glass before me. A red vision started to appear on the wharf a few feet above the indentations marking the snow. I felt the red apparition was my love, and as the red form drew nearer to the porthole I stepped back, a little afraid and quickly walked back up the stairs to the open deck.

I reached the open deck as all the passengers were being herded off the ship without any explanation. I looked over at the beautiful lady and noticed her feet were bare. She was not wearing any shoes. I also noticed that I too did not have any shoes on my feet which I thought strange because my feet were not cold. We walked along the gang plank onto the wharf and as directed entered a large barn like structure with all of the other passengers. An unknown woman walked up to me and asked me to follow her to an anti room. While she talked to me she addressed me as master. This irritated me a little and I told her, "I am not a master so stop calling me that". She was very respectful as she ignored my request completely. I asked her, 'Why do you call me master?'. She then replied, 'You see that which most people do not see.'

Both of us entered the annex and there was a large green table not unlike a snooker table in the middle of the small room. The table was heavy and solid. I then noticed another woman in the room. I think we were standing in equilateral triangle formation around the table.

Although I have this feeling that more happened on the table, this is all I remember of this dream at this time.

Love, truth and joy


Good morning, Sophia.

I'm only getting rather vague ideas on this dream. Also, please remember that you are no longer the same person you were two years ago, so some of this may no longer apply.

The ocean voyage, which apparently never happens, seems spiritual in nature. Since the beautiful woman plays so prominently, capturing the attention of two of your male companions, the religion in question seems to be goddess-based.

It's likely that your sons and your lover are representative of certain aspects of yourself - the lover in particular would be what Jung called an "animus." You exhibit a complete trust in this figure - I take this as meaning that you have accepted your masculine side. The presence of the young boys indicate that this is a recent occurrence. Indeed, your lover indicates that it may be far too soon for you to begin this pilgrimage.

The presence of your sons could also indicate that the spiritual journey you are contemplating will affect your responsibilities.

In spite of this trust, you exhibit fear when the red figure - which you know to be your love - approaches. This fear may be in reaction to anger - either your lover's or your own - I get this from the red color. The anger may be in response to a perceived interruption, when you saw the path without seeing the person walking it and banged the porthole to draw attention. So, here is the interruption to the journey, and it begins with a (perceived) betrayal of trust.

So you leave the ship - you don't make the pilgrimage. But the beauty leaves as well - you haven't abandoned the idea completely, just postponed it. The barn is something like a holding area - your plans have been put on hold.

Yet you still feel apart from the throng - special. The woman who acknowledges you as master is still another part of yourself, in spite of your objections. The anteroom has a ritualistic feel about it - regular geometric shapes generally have a purpose. Three women in the room seems to refer to a trinity of sorts.

If I had to guess, I'd say that when you had this dream you were contemplating a change of religion but didn't officially follow through, perhaps because you didn't trust your instincts and instead let fear rule your decision. Yet privately, you still feel spiritually separated from your professed religious choice.

If you feel that I've translated this well, feel free to send any other dreams you would like interpreted.

Pleasant dreams,


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  1. Hi Peregrin,
    I was most impressed with your interpretation of 'Has the Journey Started?'
    My religious belief has not changed very much over the years. I am a believer although, I am not affiliated to any particular religion and never have been. However, at the time this dream occurred I was seriously contemplating giving up a path of love and working in a job which really did not bring me too much spiritual satisfaction. I was contemplating stepping onto the treadmill of work so that I could pay bills and be the perceived responsible member of society, by denying myself the right of attaining my dream.
    I have made a number of changes since that time in which I have consciously become more attuned with my spiritual self and as a result I am more attuned to the universe in which I exist. I achieved this by taking a year out of the rat race, so I had time to get to know myself. This is an experience I am grateful for.
    My responsibilities have changed also, in that I am responsible to myself and for myself and this responsibly has opened me to feel, know and accept my true desire.
    I feel your guess was accurate although I was not contemplating changing religion. I was contemplating changing a way of life.
    Thank you kindly for your most interesting interpretation.
    Sweet Dreams