Monday, May 16, 2011

Rats and Mice

Dear Peregrin,

I dreamed that I was in the house where I grew up (I dream about this house a lot). I went into the kitchen. I looked at the pantry - the door was about half open. I saw a big rat just sitting in the doorway. I was startled, but not afraid or discuisted. Behind the rat was a mouse running around. It looked like a cartoon mouse (like the mouse in the movie, The Mouse and the Motercycle). I remember thinking it was funny (I'm not scared of mice; in fact I keep them as pets). I walked toward the pantry and beside it was a chair. The "garbage sack" was supposed to be on the chair. It was, but garbage had fallen out on the chair and on the floor. I opened the sack to look inside and I saw another mouse. This mouse was mostly a skeleton. I could see some skin on him, but could see through him in other spots. It scared me. The mouse was running around in the sack screaming. I closed the sack and walked away. I remembered thinking how "gross" it was. I then woke up.


Good morning, Nod.

Houses, like so many other dream symbols, often represent the dreamer. The houses of childhood are full of memories. You may have recently learned something about yourself that took you by surprise; this could be the rat. Behind this revelation, however, is a situation that you can laugh at; if not now, then later. The comical mouse could even represent a loved one, since you keep mice as pets. If this is true, however, then the skeletal mouse would also represent someone in your life; someone who has not (in your opinion) received adequate care and is screaming -- for help, possibly? It's in a place that you associate with garbage. Is the mouse "garbage?" Or, did it scatter the garbage -- trash up your house? Whatever the reason, it is obviously in need of care, but it disgusts you so you walk away. I would look for a distasteful situation, and consider if I could make it better.

Pleasant dreams,


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