Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tiger in the Forest

Dear Peregrin,

It start out on an island with forest instead of jungle. I am wearing ankle boots, shorts, and a T-shirt not really what one goes out into a forest in. I get into the forest and enter a clearing, there are 3 men discussing about kills and fur of the local animals. I introduce myself and enter the conversation. Soon I am told to find water and is pointed in a direction. I soon wander through the forest and find a lake then fill the bucket they gave me. It is a wooden bucket if that means any thing. After filling the bucket I turn around and see a humanoid form. Half Tiger half Human. It stands in a loin cloth with a spear. I noitice his claws (thinking on a human level since he wasn't wearing a shirt and looked robust). I begin to back up into the water. I don't fell afraid I feel as if something is about to happen. The Tigerguy rushes at me with his spear and i remeber dodgeing and grabbing it then jerking it from his grasp. The expression on his face is suprise. He leaps at me feeling his claws tear into my chest. One of the hunters shoots him on me and rolls him off. I feel sorry for the Tigerguy and sit there cradleing his head in my lap. I then yell "You Beast!!" at the man and grab the spear. I shove the spear into the guys chest and flip him into the water The Tigerguy is not dead but wounded. I feel a sense of panic then usually anoter dream starts after a cloud of mist surrounds me.

Pretty wierd...I can feel a sense of love toward the Tigerguy when I first see him...


Good morning, RDC.

The setting of the dream sounds like a place of power. It is a setting that you feel attracted to. An island is apart from the mainland; you may feel separate from the mainstream culture. What is the difference between a forest and a jungle? The forest may be less populated. More isolation?
Your clothing sounds like something you may be comfortable wearing; perhaps you are comfortable in this setting? This could mean it is a personal place of power.

The three hunters seem to represent a bit of the mainland on this island. They could represent authority; you seem to accept their orders readily when you go to get water.

Tigerguy is actually rather easy to figure out: he is a combination animus/totem, your male self combined with your bestial self. Of course you feel love for this figure: he is you; to feel anything else for him would not be healthy. However, the bestial self (like the civilized self) is still a threat, for it longs to take control. In the dream, this is represented by his attack upon you. You retain control and nullify the attack, surprising yourself with your control.

The hunter, representing your "civilized" self (superego), then shoots the beast (id), which you have just rendered helpless. By controlling your wild side, you may feel that you have destroyed it, or left it vulnerable to attack. Your response is to destroy the hunter.

It sounds like a conflict between following society, or your inner impulses. You may feel a lack of balance between the two, and would prefer to get rid of the rules of society rather than give up your individuality.

This sounds like a recurring dream; is that correct? I love recurring dreams :). They offer an opportunity to change the outcome; they often accompany a situation in waking life that is also open to change. Your challenge is to find a balance in the dream: a resolution that does not result in anyone getting killed or seriously injured. I would start with something simple: do not back away from Tigerguy. You do not fear him, so do not show it. He may not attack. Then both of you will be in a better position to avoid being surprised by the hunter.

Good luck, and please let us know of any further developments.

Pleasant dreams,


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