Friday, March 2, 2012


I was at a house competing for a date with a R&B record producer like one of those reality shoes. But I was the only white girl there and the rest were African-American. (I do watch alot of reality TV). We were all around the swimming pool and they were calling the girls in one by one to meet the guy (I can't remember his name.) I went with someone, we walked up a latter to the top of the roof and inside, we walked through a room with a lot of music equipment. He said something like this is were Marvin Gaye did his recording.

We ended up in the hall way waiting area were corsage pins, regular sewing pins, and these other almost like mini swords were all sitting there. (I can't remember if they were just in baskets or how they were set out.) But I started to put them through my lips like you would put a boutonniere on one by one. There must have been twenty of them through my lips. I could hardly talk but said to one of the guys working the show I have to take the pins out before talking to the guy and he said he would take me to the closet door there was a full length mirror on the inside of the door.

I was pulling the pins out one by one. You could see just a little dot of blood from the smaller pins but the tiny swordlike ones had that white infected look Some girls where like "Oh my god what is that white girl doing?" I could physically feel myself taking them out one by one I felt half awake half sleeping. I woke up and had to look in bathroom mirror at my lips they felt very tingly, an uncomfortable felling. I could not fall back asleep. I had to try and think of something else in my head. It was very very strange.

I felt really freaked out after this dream. I feel like it must mean something


Good morning, Megan.

In all likelihood the "Reality TV" format of this dream did stem from your viewing habits. Because you never really meet the guy you're trying to date, this dream is probably not about him at all. So let's look at what it is about.

You're the only caucasian female, competing against African-Americans in a field which is usually considered to be their domain (R&B). This represents a feeling of isolation, and of being at a disadvantage in your current endeavors.

It's on a tour of the house that you find the pins. Since we live in houses, they tend to represent our innermost selves - that is to say, "where we live." Thus the tour becomes akin to examining your own life in detail.

What you do with the pins is what makes them interesting. You are fully aware that, by placing them all in your lip, you are impeding your own ability to talk. Furthermore, you do this at a time when you know you will be expected to talk. So, what's going on here is that you are bottling up something inside - finding "reasons" to not say anything. All the while, you know that this is unwise, but you are doing it anyway.

During the dream, however, you finally face the fact that you will have to talk if you want to achieve your goal, which is why you remove the pins. Seeing that some of the wounds are infected, it's safe to say that you are hurting yourself by keeping all these feelings and secrets inside. The bigger the pin, the worse the wound - and you seem to have some very big feelings and secrets, along with the small ones. You are beginning to realize, in your life, that it's time to open up to someone.

It's likely that the actual tingling in your lips had some physical cause - I'm thinking, a pinched nerve - and you incorporated the feeling into your dream in a relevant fashion. I find that, after a disturbing dream, it's easier to get back to sleep if I change positions - turn over onto the other side, for example.

Pleasant dreams,


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