Monday, March 5, 2012

Dad What the Hell Are You Doing

I have a chain with a lock with my name on it in reality.

I dreamt that I lost this chain, and my dad came to my school and beat the hell out of me. He choked strangled and hit me and threw me against the wall for losing it. It was a long dream, but throughout the whole thing I was scared of my dad and trying to avoid and hide from him.

This dream really gets to me because it was so vivid and I was so terrified. Please help. =)


Good morning, Jesser.

We need to focus upon your emotions. I know I say this over and over, but it's at the bottom of the message in most dreams. You are scared of your dad and tyring to avoid and hide from him. This is the most direct statement of the dream itself - the question is, what is it that you are really trying to hide?

What he's angry about in this dream is that you've lost a chain, with a lock, with your name on it. Okay, so what do chains and locks represent? Obviously, you use them to keep something chained and locked up. You've lost "your" chain - you are, in essence, free now. This newfound freedom is what you're trying to hide, then - or, rather, what you're doing with your freedom.
Your dad in the dream represents the superego, if I can get Freudian for a minute here. Your conscience. You feel guilty over something you've done, which you were forbidden to do. It may not be your dad that did the forbidding, it could be any authority figure. You're scared of the consequences of this action, and might even feel that you deserve to be punished for it. So, in essence, you are "beating yourself up" over it.

If this brings anything to mind, then the course is clear for you. Think about what you've done, then decide whether you need to forgive yourself, or to have someone else forgive you. I'm betting it's the first one.

Pleasant dreams,


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