Friday, March 9, 2012

Tribal Beating

Dear Peregrin,

I'm in a tribe that is existing where my grandmother lives but there is no house just me and my tribe, (no other family members) I guy that looks really nice comes to my tribe and tries to join and then my tribe beats the living crap out of him, and then he leaves and crosses over the interstate bridge my grandmother lives by, I run to catch up with him and (he looks like hes never been touch by my tribe)then its like the world today, the guy is a hot guy that I like in my dream (I've never seen the guy before except he resembles a football player on my bus that I like) I go to where his house is and I go down his drive way with him, and I see his motor cycles and other stuff as in his cars,

Then we walk up to his house and we go in, I meet his little girl that is 6 years old, The the guy goes upstairs and take me and his daughter with him (he lived in a 3 story house) then he looks at me and smiles and says he has to go shower and I excuse him and then me and his little girl clean that party of the house where she has her toys out and then theres a chair that she sits in and before he goes to shower he tells me that the chair goes upstairs in the play room, and then I turn around and him and the chair is gone! Me and the little girls in her room playing and then I walk into the room we were in and hes fixing himself a bed on the table that was by the couch, then he shows me the bed rom that I will be sleeping in and I'm like "no I want you to sleep in here" then he looks at me and is like "well I dont want you sleeping in there on the table" and I looked into the other room and was like "no I want you to sleep with me!" and he did, while he was getting in the bed we started kissing......(then my mother comes into wake me up)

I have had this dream 3 or 4 times in the last month! Its really scarey but I wished it would really happen to me


Good morning, Brittney.

I think you answered part of your own question when you wrote that you wished it would really happen. In a very literal sense, you want the kind of attention that you get from your "dream guy." We can look at what kind of guy he is, and that may help you look for someone like him in waking life.

1. He's responsible. The guy in your dream has a young daughter and takes care of her very well - to the point that the furniture magically goes where it belongs. Everything "falls into place" around him.

2. He's a gentleman. He never considered "taking advantage" of you in his home - you initiated the physical contact.

3. He's not in your current circle of friends. This is represented by the behavior of your tribe - they reject him completely. In this way, you are rejecting your peers' ideas of what the perfect guy for you would be - you have your own ideas.

4. He's not vulnerable. He bore no scars from the tribe's beating - he could not care less about what others think of him.

5. He's clean. Of course I get this from the shower, but the word clean can have a wider meaning as well. Not involved in drugs, for instance, or in any sort of sleazy activity.

6. He has traditional family values. This is from the location of his home - very near your grandmother's. Your ideal guy could be a lot like your own grandfather in a lot of ways.

7. And, of course, he's romantically attracted to you. Once you let him know that this is what you want, he's quite eager to commence.

Now, I'm not saying that this person is out there looking or waiting for you. This is merely an outline of the kind of guy you want in your life. There's no guarantee that you'll find him, but having an idea of what you're looking for helps a great deal.

Pleasant dreams,


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