Friday, March 16, 2012

Hiding Sugar

Dear Peregrin,

Hi, my husband and I are not having good relationship, and I am wondering what my dream as the following tells me:

My husband is hiding 12 5-pound packages of white sugar under our bed. They are 3 packages in a roll, so totally 4 rolls. Some of them are torn, and others look old.


Good morning, Monica.

Since your relationship is the chief issue in your waking life, I'm going to assume that your husband represents himself in your dream. This is not always the case, but we do tend to dream about what's on our minds. I know, this seems very obvious and a little silly to point out, but sometimes necessary.

Sugar is often synonymous with physical loving. By hiding the sugar, he's not expressing his love, so that you get the impression that he doesn't feel it. But, to your subconscious, the problem isn't that he doesn't love you, but that he isn't expressing it - he's hiding it.

The location may be significant as well. Under the bed has an oblique sexual reference in it. This could mean that you are not having sex, or that he's emotionally hiding behind sex - if that makes no sense to you then I'll try to clarify it in a follow-up.

The packages are not in good shape. Being torn or old indicates that the issues at hand here are not new - this has been going on for a while. Torn packages suggest raw edges, which in turn mean that the issue is very sensitive.

The number of packages is probably significant, but it's hard to say exactly how. 12 could correspond with the months in a year. I'm sure that the grouping is significant as well, but equally difficult to pin down, save that it also reminds me of a one-year calendar.

I want to get back to my first statements briefly, because it may be important to understanding your problem - your dreams represent your feelings and beliefs. So, while it may be true that he's hiding his feelings (or withholding sex, or whatever), the message is that you feel as if he's hiding them. Your subconscious perceives that this is the problem, and wants you to know about it. And, the impression that I get is, your subconscious believes that he still loves you, but needs to show it more often.

Pleasant dreams,


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