Monday, March 19, 2012

Coughing Up Blood

Dear Peregrin,

What does it mean when you dream about Coughing up blood, but it's more like vomiting because it came out in large amounts? Not only that, it was contagious in my dream. Please help me figure out what all this is about

Thank you.


Good morning, Paige.

Blood coughed up comes from deep within, through the mouth - much like words and ideas that mean a great deal to you personally. And the contagious nature of the blood fits in with this - important ideas are contagious. It could be that you feel you have some important things to say, things that could change everyone who hears them.

Coughing is a spontaneous action, not pre-planned. Because of this, the blood takes on a more negative aspect - as if, something that you've said without thinking has perhaps caused a harmful rumor that now spreads like a disease.

But these are just first impressions. The image you describe has no background setting to base much in-depth though upon. How did you feel during the dream? How did the other dream characters react? When you focus upon the emotions felt, often the symbols interpret themselves.

Pleasant dreams,



  1. please help! i had the most vivid dream of coughing up a ball of blood then the blood turned into like a mini scorpion and started crawling on the window sil creeped me so much i woke up. any ideas would be very appreciated. ps im a 29 year old married woman with a 3 year old girl if any of that info helps! thanking you in advance x

  2. Please help I had a dream that I was choking then my mouth started bleeding but there was a woman (a doctor i think) that looked in my mouth and there was a sewing needle in my throat which was causing me to choke on my own blood. Not a clue what this means can you help please x