Friday, November 12, 2010

First Girlfriend

Dear Peregrin,

I was sleeping and my beeper beeped. I didn't recognize the number but I called it right away and a girl answered. I said "Did someone page Chris?" and she said "what?... Chris Johnson is that you?" and I was like "yes, who paged me?... who's this?" and she was like "Its me Maria." Which was my first love who dumped me for some other guy. So I said "Maria B--, damn" and I was about to hang up the phone when she "wait! lets talk" So we talked about each our lives and neither of us was mad at each other. Then she asked me to come over to her house, and I got dressed and went there, and her parents were all happy to see me, and they asked if I wanted to spend the night (not sexually), so I said yes and then my friends came over and couldn't believe that I was talking to her. And then the dream ended.


Good morning, Dumped.

It sounds as if you realize on a deeper level that your resentment for Maria's actions is non-productive and could be costing you a valuable friendship. Peer pressure may demand that you have no connection if she can't be "yours," but this is not as important to you as her friendship. If it were me, I would call her and try to salvage what I could of the relationship. At the very least, stop being so angry with your ex.

Pleasant dreams,


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