Friday, November 19, 2010

Bear Transformed

Dear Peregrin,

My friends and I caught a bear, and put it in a big box. then, we put it on a boat and dropped it in the ocean. One year later, we returned to the spot, scuba dived to the bottom and re-opened the box. We found that the bear had transformed into a manta-ray, and began to attack us. I was almost to the boat, when I looked down, to see the manta-ray swim up, and bite off my face.


Good morning, Shenequa.

The bear is a powerful and frightening creature. By putting it in a box, and the box in the ocean, you are attempting to trap it. We often deal with our feelings in this way, shutting them up and pretending that they don't exist. It's called repression. But it isn't a healthy thing to do. Just as the bear transformed into a creature better suited to the environment in which you'd placed it, your feelings can also escape at inopportune times, often stronger than before. If there's something you've been avoiding, try to face it at a time of your own choosing.

Pleasant dreams,


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