Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dream or Visit?

Dear Peregrin,

I am not sure if the dream I had was "just a dream" or some kind of a message. I feel more like it was a message. This is what happened:

In November I had a vivid dream where I was looking out the front window of my home and saw 2 men pull into my driveway and walk towards the front door. I was nervous because it was late at night and I couldn't imagine who they were or why they would be coming to the door so late. They saw me in the window, and realized that I was nervous, so they started to walk away from the door - across the lawn - heading for the street - but on the opposite side of where they had parked their car (they obviously were not going to leave yet). They stood by the curb and looked at me. I opened the door slowly. They stood on the lawn and waved to me in a friendly manner. They were 2 Indian men (Native American). They were wearing jeans, but they had feather headpieces. They pointed to the walkway by the door, where I saw that they had left me a large box. They kept waving to me and pointing to the box and nodding their heads to let me know it was okay. I wasn't nervous any more. One of the men was speaking to me, but I couldn't hear him and that was so frustrating! I could see his lips moving, but I could not hear him. I'm sure this one was a message, and I missed it! Ater that they got back in the car and pulled away. I looked at the box but did not open it. I woke up immediately after the dream, feeling very confused and disappointed that I culdn't hear the message. I keep asking - every night- for them to come back and tell me what the message was and what is in the box, but I have had no luck so far. Can you help me figure this out?

Also - this is not the first time an Indian has come to me. I have had "visits" a couple of other times over the years, but not in dreams - they came while I was in bed but still awake - mostly just a nod of the head to let me know they were there at times when I was troubled.

I'm not sure if this is relavent to the dream, but at the time I was really asking for guidance in a situation in my life. A close friend of many years stopped talking to me with no explanation and I could not, and still can't understand why. There was no argument or anything, just an unexplained vanishing act. This has hurt me deeply and still has me so concerned. Could they be tied together?

Any insight you may have on this dream would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you for your time!


Good morning, Carol.

In my own personal philosophy, all dreams are some form of guidance. In most Native American religions, guidance often comes in the form of a dream. So it really doesn't matter which it was - it could be both, and the message is the same either way.

Obviously you must feel very close to NA spirituality, because the Indian men you describe sound exactly like spirit guides. They have come to reassure you in times of trouble, and when you asked for guidance they brought you a gift.

Your reluctance to get close enough to them to learn what they were saying is highly allegorical. It may mean that you are afraid to learn the answer to your question. This is understandable in the current situation. As long as the question remains unanswered, then there is hope that your friendship is still alive - but if you contact your friend to find out for sure, you may learn that it's truly over. In cases like this, we often prefer the uncertainty.

And uncertainty is what the box represents. In my opinion, the gift inside is your friendship, and you were being told that you have to take a little risk - confront your fear - to keep it. Your guides understand your fear, and are doing their best to reassure you, but like Schrodinger's cat, you won't know whether your friendship is alive or dead until you open that box.

I would say, contact your friend and find out what's going on. If she is angry, you may be able to patch things up. If this is impossible, your peace of mind will return sooner than it will if you never learn what's wrong. And, it just may be that s/he is going through a trying time and needs for you to reach out.

Open the box. Good luck, and pleasant dreams.


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