Friday, November 5, 2010

I Can Feel It!

Dear Peregrin,

I don't ever remeber my dreams at all. NEVER!! All of a sudden, I can remeber this one dream and I am having it over and over now, 2 or 3 times a night where I wake up after it. Its the most life like dream I have ever had. Let me describe it for you:

I am with a girl that I am interested in, and we are in her apartment and we are alone. I am looking at her and she is looking at me. Her hair is in her face and I pull it behind her ear. I lean in and give her a kiss. I pull back to look at her and she smiles and so do I. I go in again and giver her anouther kiss. The kind of kiss that is very sweet and simple, no tounge just pure lip to lip with a pause of contact. I stop bust stay near her. I open my eyes in the dream and I open my eyes in real life with a smile on my face. This has been happening often now and its driving me a little wild. Its just weird how it feels so real. I swear I can feel her skin, can smell the perfume, can taste her lips when I kiss her. What kind of dream is this? How can I FEEL IT? Why do I always wake up at that same time?



Good morning, Dan.

It's not unusual to have all your senses working in a vivid dream. Even though your body may not be feeling/smelling/tasting, your mind is quite capable of calling up those sensations and playing them out for you.

We experience especially vivid dreams and repetitive dreams specifically so that we will remember them. The message is very important to your subconscious. You wake up before the dream is completely over for the same reason - if the dream finishes you're much less likely to remember it.

I suspect that your feelings for this girl are much stronger than simple "interest." Your mind is trying to tell you this, and is also giving you a strong hint on how to behave if you want this relationship to work. Keep it sweet and simple; don't press for physical intimacy. Rather, let things develop naturally.

Pleasant dreams,


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