Monday, November 8, 2010

Man on the Moon

Dear Peregrin,

My friend, who is a pilot in real life, had a dream about having a secret mission. People at his work kept asking him where he had to go, and he couldn't tell them, or else he'd lose his job altogether. Next part of his dream he was actually on the moon! He was very happy, and he said to himself, "I am an astronaut!" (It was his childhood dream, in real life, to become an astronaut.)

Does this dream mean anything? I looked at two different books, and got two different meanings.


Good morning, Liz.

I can see how you would get different messages from this dream, because there are multiple possibilities. Which is correct, largely depends upon what is going on in your friend's waking life as well.

I can see this dream as very positive - he wants to return to values and goals he used to have, or perhaps he already has returned to these goals. He seems happy to be accomplishing his "mission."

But I can see a dark side to this as well, because of having a secret that would threaten his job if it were known. Being on the moon could be a direct reference to getting "high," making the secret very dangerous indeed.

These two examples are obviously extremes and I don't mean to imply that either is correct. An entire range of possibilities lie between - and outside - these two extremes; I listed them to illustrate the inadequacy of a dictionary translation.

The elements of the dream are rather basic. They speak of some activity or desire that brings your friend a childlike happiness, which he would prefer not be made public. The job in his dream could represent practically any relationship (job, marriage, friendship). The secret, though pleasurable, represents a potential threat to that relationship. Whatever the risk, your friend seems to feel that it is worthwhile - in fact, the risk may add spice to the whole thing.

You can see where this would fit into many situations in someone's life, and that only the dreamer can decide which is closest to the truth. I do hope that this was helpful in pointing the way - but if he decides not to share any revelations with you, try not to take it too personally or speculate too wildly. It is his secret, after all.

Pleasant dreams,


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