Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cuddling with an Old Friend

Dear Peregrin,

My friend, whom I'll call Dave, has recently left my university for a larger one. I never had a chance to say goodbye, so he left a goodbye message on my answering machine. I had not heard from him until the other day, when I received an e-mail from him. It was generally good news, but the letter had an auora of missing us at school. That night I dreamt that Dave and I were cuddling up together (it wasn't very sexual at all). Oddly, I was wearing a whole pair of nylons! Even worse, I had a mechanical pencil tucked inside them. I remember not wanting him to notice the pencil, out of embarrassment I guess. It was a rather warm and comfortable dream, except for the pencil. No conversation took place.


Good morning, Charlotte.

It's easy to see that the phone call put Dave on your mind. You have memories of feeling comfortable with him and wouldn't mind seeing him again. But first you have to write to him, and maybe you don't feel comfortable doing that. The pencil in your nylons indicates both a slight feeling of sexual attraction, and slight discomfort in communicating that fact -- even to yourself.

Go ahead and write back to Dave. Old friends, as BeveBear could tell you, are too valuable to lose.

Pleasant dreams,


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