Monday, December 10, 2012

Games in the Hayloft

Hi, I had a dream last night. Can you possibly help me to understand what it means? Ok, here goes...

It starts off when I am in some room (I have a feeling of being high up, like in a loft of some sort) and I am playing a "guess the state" game with this guy from my school (I've always thought this guy was cool, but I'm not sure if I really "like" him or not) but anyway the game had all these flashing lights and you had to guess the name of a state in the US that started with each letter it gave you. I got the letter "O" and all I could think of was Orlando, so I didn't get a point, then he went and got a point, then I went again, but did not get a point that time either. The next thing I remember was we heard people coming and we decided to hide. Then all these little kids came and they wanted to play hide and go seek- I got down right away and said something like "ok, we'll get out of your way" then I looked up and he was coming out-- but now he was wearing a scuba diving outfit with flippers and everything, and I suddenly got the feeling we were on the beach.

I don't remember any other parts of the dream. But hopefully, you can find a meaning in what I could remember.

Thanks so much,

Good morning, Teresa.

Playing games in the loft (a high position) could be a reference to "head games." As your b/f is winning, it could be that you feel he's the one playing, or at least doing a better job of it.

There's also the possibility that you suspect him of cheating on you - i.e., he is "scoring" and you are not.

When you think you'll be observed, you stop and hide. This tells me that a lot what goes on in your relationship is below the surface, kept out of public view.

The children who want to play hide-and-seek - another reference to childish games. And you get out of the way - you're letting it happen.

The sudden transport to the beach sounds like a progression of the relationship. Now you're a lot closer to water, though not actually in it. References to water nearly always involve emotions - and your b/f is dressed to go very deep indeed.

I think what's going on here is, you are in a relationship that is changing, and neither of you really knows how to deal with it. One of you wants to take it to the next level - possibly it's him, because I get the impression that you feel that both of you need to mature a bit more first.

Pleasant dreams,


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  1. Thanks Peregrin! That is certainly FAR MORE than I ever would have been able to figure out!