Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Not a Psychic

Dear Peregrin,

Can a dream tell me if somebody I know will contact me or that I'll see him again? What are the signs to look for in the dream?

Good morning, Joan.

This is actually not an answer, but I wanted to tell you why. My specialty is the translation of dream messages. I do not claim to be psychic, nor to understand such predictions.

There are records of precognitive dreams such as you describe, but I have no personal experience with them. The best I can tell you is to look for dreams that repeat, with strong references to time and numbers. Even then, I can't tell you whether that's a dream of the future, or just wish-fulfillment.

A dream can definitely tell you what you want to have happen. Often people are out-of-touch with their feelings, and will have dreams which show certain reactions. The dream can even show possible outcomes of certain situations, again with the emphasis on how you feel about it.

There are methods that can be used to control dreams, to show us what we want, but so far no methods which will guarantee a dream that comes true. That part is up to you.

Pleasant dreams,


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