Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Outrageous Sex

Ok, this is real. I have a girlfriend whom I have had for at least 2 years or so. I keep having this dream that there is this other girl that is a lot hotter than her with me and that we are always having hot passionate sex. I can't get enough of this girl. I actually spend time in my day just thinking of this girl and how good the "sex" is. I feel as if I don't love my girlfriend as much as I used to because I know that there is something better out there. In my dreams we do the craziest things. It feels as if I can go for hours with this girl. I have at least 10 orgasms and she can keep up with me easily. I have even masturbated during the day to this girl. I feel as if I should just end it with my girlfriend and seek out this wonder girl in my dreams. Maybe she is an actual person out there. What does this all mean?

Good morning, James.

I can't say whether there is a "wonder girl" out there or not. What you're dreaming of is an idealized version of what you would like to find - or rather, what you think you would like. The dreams are most likely happening because you're not satisfied in your current relationship. The reasons for this are not clear from your message, so I can't comment upon them.

"Dream girls" are, by and large, fantasy constructs. There's nothing wrong with a fantasy, but when it becomes an obsession then you place yourself in danger of losing out on what your real relationships have to offer. You might want to take a long look at what you do have, and try to determine what's missing from it that is so important to you. If possible, try communication first.

Pleasant dreams,


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