Monday, December 24, 2012

Urine and Acupuncture

To begin with, I neglected to thank you for the last dream you interpreted. (It was about a Divine voice telling me to 'be there in Dec.' in regard to meeting a man with whom I could have a meaningful relationship.) I apologize for the delay. I really appreciate your time and insights. You gave me great peace of mind. :)

With that, I was wondering if you could help me with these two reoccurring dream themes I've been having lately. They don't happen every night but at least weekly. I have a feeling they're connected but I can't find the common link.

The first one-which I think I already understand-is of me urinating in public. (Which is quite embarrassing.) The circumstances are different in each dream but there's always some form of messy urination. In some I wet my self. In others, I go into a urinal that is smack in the middle of a very public place. Somehow I miss the toilet and everyone sees me dribble on the floor. (With being female, it's kind of an odd thing to miss the toilet.) And in one, I watched a dog (female) wet all over herself and I was mesmerized with the foot prints she made after walking through her urine.

So, other than I shouldn't overload on liquids before bed, :) I understood it that urine in a dreams stands for: feelings of rejection, releasing of negative emotions, lack of control, or lack of privacy. All of which, I could relate to events occurring now.

The next part is with acupuncture. I go regularly to a woman who has done wonders for me. She is very good at what she does and is very kind and compassionate.

In one dream, she pulls out this 3 foot long needle and attempts to put it in my left thigh. I start screaming and pleading with her not to do it. I grab her hand-to make her stop-but I'm not forceful about it. My touch is more of a reassuring kind. She proceeds to guide the needle in my leg, starting at my knee and threading it all the way up to my pelvis. When she's beginning, I'm screaming but as she gets it in, I calm down considerably, realizing that it didn't hurt at all.

In another, I'm at her office and I've been asked to do acupuncture on a man. As I begin, I'm working on his back. Instead of using needles though, I'm putting safety pins along his spine and one on the top of his left shoulder. I'm feeling confused because I have NO training in acupuncture so I was using intuition on where to place the pins. Another man comes in and I ask him if he can tell if I have the placement correct.

He reaches over to the man I was working on and says something along the lines of, "Lets try it on you and see." When he picked up the man, it was nothing but a hollow rubber torso. He slipped it over my head, placed in on me like a shirt, undid the safety pins, and started pinning the rubber onto me. I did nothing but sit there and wince in pain.

Do you think the two could be related? Any insights you could give me would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your time and wisdom.

Good morning, KT.

I've been thinking about this one for a while. Translating your dreams is easier in some ways, because you already understand a great deal about your dream symbols - most people who write to me don't. But in another way it's harder, because I have to dig a little deeper - you already know the easy stuff.
It's always good, though, to hear that I've helped in some way.

Urinating on oneself is a form of self-humiliation - the kind of loss of control which we put behind us as children. Now, in some ways, the mind uses this as a defense mechanism against the physical urge to urinate - a holdover from toilet training. But it also shows up when we're feeling the same kind of shame in some other part of life. All of the feelings you detailed are also evident, particularly a lack of privacy when one has to use a toilet in public.

The acupuncture dreams may be related because of sharing this theme, or they may share the theme just because you have so much personal experience with an acupuncturist.

In the first, the main issue is trust. Just as you trust your therapist with her normal-sized needles, you're trusting someone with "regular" problems. But when she brings out the huge needle, you're scared. As it turns out, she does know what she's doing, but you don't have any reason to believe that at first. So, it seems to me that you're being asked to trust someone without much reason, but the dream says that it will be all right.

The second acupuncture dream also seems to relate to trust, at least in that you're being asked to trust in your own abilities - abilities that you don't think you have. Going by intuition, you feel that you're making a botch of things. When the rubber torso is placed onto your body, in essence you're being asked to put yourself in someone else's place - how would you feel if these things were done to you? The fact that it's a man you're pinning, and then a man who pins you, would seem to indicate that the other person involved - the one you're dreaming about - is also a man. Perhaps you've been accused of "needling" him? Or, are you trying to "play it safe?" In either case, the real message - at least, as I see it - is to consider how someone else feels about what you're doing.

Pleasant dreams,


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