Friday, December 7, 2012

Chased but not Caught

Dear Peregrin,

Well... I've never given much thought about dreams until recently...probably at the beginning of last year till now... because I realized a pattern in my dreams. Either that or I suddenly become sooo conscience of it.

I mean my dreams are mostly meaningless... they jump from one place to another, no connection whatever so ever. I meet people I've never met before etc that's why I never paid any attention to them.

However recently since last year, I realized that most of my dreams revolve around me being chased by some unknown vile, malevolent force. Either that or I'm just running away from something. Sometimes I don't know who I'm running away from though most of the time I never really get to face them at all, though I'm aware of who they are etc. Like I know its some gang who is after me, like I know it's a gang a bit of info about them etc but I SELDOM ever face them.

Sometimes I do get to see who is chasing after me though I'm not clear who they are... its very very absurd and vague. Mostly its either I know who they are but never get to face them or see them but don't know who they are. But I'm always being chased and always running away from them...knowing that my life will be harmed in some form ... but the problem is... I'm always close to being caught or halfway through my running, I ALWAYS get to wake up from it.

That means that I NEVER get caught or get harmed at all. I'm pretty disturbed by these dreams because its been occurring far too often which has never happened before. And my dreams are very real... they are in colors and I dream of people I know, though I don't actually get to see their faces but I just KNOW its them. And so... I usually wake up (sometimes in shock) before I ever get harmed but its sooo real, it's scary.

Sometimes I'm running away alone though hardly, usually I'm with someone else. And when I'm nearly caught, there usually is someone else to save me or assist me (most of the time) but I never ever get harmed or caught because I always wake up before that happens...

I can't really think of anything much that is happening in my life...maybe because I'm stressed out... I dunno...

Sorry if this is long. Can u help me understand my dreams a bit better?



Good morning, Michelle.

If I understand correctly, what you're asking me to look at is the general theme of being chased but never caught. Also, as I understand it, you are never caught because you always wake up first.

First, I should explain that the only dream people remember are the ones that they wake up from. This means, every dream you remember is incomplete, so waking up before you're caught may have no significance - it could be that the chase is the entire theme.

This kind of dream finds its source in anxiety, which I'm sure comes as no surprise to you. The fact that those who chase you are so vague probably places them as feelings more than as actual pursuers - in other words, you have a feeling of someone or something being "after you" (vague feelings of paranoia, if you prefer).

Lots of things can be said to "chase" people. Deadlines, for instance, on school or work assignments. Debts. Paramours, if one is lucky. Temptations. Anything that you're trying to get away from, to put behind you, can spawn this kind of scenario in a dream.

The fact that you're sometimes assisted by others is generally a positive sign, for it reflects aid that is available in waking life. Whatever the problem is, you don't seem to be alone in facing it.

Since you always wake up before any harm is done, this could, as I said before, only be because all dreams are remembered this way. However, if the timing of your awakening is significant, it could mean that you can only escape harm if you metaphorically "wake up." Meaning, of course, that the pursuers represent a problem that you're not dealing with realistically, therefore you need to wake up before real harm is done.

Not sure which way this goes, so I'm not sure I've been any help to you, but good luck on this.

Pleasant dreams,


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  1. thank you peregrin walker. Eerily i know what you're alluding to.