Monday, December 20, 2010

The Tree

Dear Peregrin,

I was standing in my front yard watching two men wearing yellow hard hats (like electric co.) who were standing in the road looking at a pole (electric/telephone??) that was leaning dangerously. The ground in which the pole was standing had become infirm (soft because of saturation from too much rain, although it wasn't raining at the time) and unable to support the pole. The pole was in imminent danger of falling and upon falling, would hit an electrical wire which would cause devastation (electrocution). The men left (presumably to report it and get help). As soon as they departed, the pole fell. It missed the electrical wire, however, it fell across the roadway blocking passage. (once the pole hit the ground, it took on the appearance of a tree - no limbs, however, it was covered in bark) This was a huge tree trunk. I stood there for a second or two wondering if I should phone 911. Before I could do anything a large tractor trailer truck came and drove over the middle of the tree/pole smashing the center and making passage possible. The sides, however, were in the way and needed to be removed. I stood there looking at it wondering if I should still call 911, when a man on a yellow riding lawnmower (he was wearing a hat but I can't recall what kind - it shadowed his face making identification impossible - in fact, I did not recognize any of the individuals involved) with a blade on the front drove up and pushed the rest of the debris blocking the road away. I turned and went inside my house.


Good morning, CkrofWsd.

I think that the pole represents a problem currently occupying your thoughts. You don't know what to do about it, but feel that you must do something. Your subconscious is saying, "Leave it alone; things will work out OK."

Pleasant dreams,


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