Monday, December 6, 2010


Dear Peregrin,

This dream which i call my Burglar dream is a reocurring dream that i have at least once a year.

In the dream it's like I'm having an out of body experience. I'm floating above everyone and I can see what's going on. My body is in bed asleep. My parents and my little 3 year old half sister are asleep. Then suddenly 3 or 4 (the number differs) men dressed in all black break into the house and come up the steps. My bedroom is at the very top of the steps and in my dream I get so scared because I know these people know that we're all in the house and we're asleep and they want to kill us so they can rob us. But they can't decide on who to kill first. That's usually when I wake up. It scares me half to death! Please help me!


Good morning, Angela.

Nightmares like this are caused by anxiety, so the problem is to find the root of your worries.
The fear in the dream is the loss of those close to you. Since you have a 3-year-old half-sister, I am guessing that you have already lost one parent - either to death or divorce - and you fear losing more family. The dream occurs at least once a year. This reminds me of the passage of time. Each year brings you closer to the time when you will be living on your own, which is a pretty scary prospect - and again there's the loss of family theme.

It's normal to have such dreams, and such worries. Family is to be treasured - let them know that you do.

Pleasant dreams,


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