Wednesday, December 8, 2010

All Week

Dear Peregrin,

Tuesdays Dream:

I was in a swimming pool with all my friends and this girl who I don't really like came up to me and started to drown me. I got up and started to drown her back. She ran out of the pool and so did i and her dad just appeared (i have never seen her dad before though) and he came up to me and said you dare f*** touch my daughter again and i will kill you. So i started to run to my mum's house and when i opened the door they were both sitting there in my lounge! I got really scared so I started to run but they locked the doors. Something happened (i cant remember) and I got out. I went to my mum's friend house (down the road) and she hid me. They knew what house i was in got me and it ended..

Wednesdays Dream:

I was at school and saw three people (as I'm 14 they were 14 as well) whom I have not seen for ages because they left school. One boy shouted Hey Stef! and i just ignored him. I gave the girl a hug.

Thursdays dream:

I saw a bird in the window. It had a long blue beak. It pecked at the window and smashed the window. It scratched me and it started to laugh. I turned into a bird just like it. He told me to fly with him and I did. He told me that i would have to scratch people and make them into birds. I started to cry and wanted to be a human again. He said I would be a bird forever.

Fridays Dream:

All I can remember was i was in my room and I found a draw sting bag which had keys of different shapes and sizes. Some were rusty and old and some were brand new!


Good morning, Stefan.


I see an unwillingness to defend yourself illustrated here - a fear of dire repercussion. Your actions in the dream context were justified, but your enemy has allies while you have none. You may feel alone against the world at times - I know I did at 14. This probably isn't true, even though it feels that way.


You are reviewing your past and deciding which parts of yourself you accept (embrace) and which parts to reject (ignore). The two old friends represent these qualities. Without knowing more about them, I'd generalize that you reject masculine qualities in favor of the feminine. This seems a bit unbalanced, and may tie in with the unwillingness to defend yourself. All positive qualities should be integrated.


Here again you feel victimized - bound to a path that you did not choose for yourself, this time. By robbing you of your human status, the bird takes away your freedom. There may be more to this message as well. "Bird" used to be slang for "girl." You may feel that you are in a situation wherein you are robbed of masculinity. This may have something to do with the rejection, above.


This is the most positive of all the dreams; it's a shame you don't remember more of it. Finding a bag of keys indicates that you can now unlock a variety of doors - indicating that your future is wide open. But you need to remember to:

  • 1. Assert yourself. You are a human and have the right to self-defense.

  • 2. Embrace your entire being. Half a person cannot succeed.

  • 3. Choose your own destiny. Ask for help when you need it - but make your own decisions.

  • Now, this may seem like a tall order for a 14-year-old, but the decisions you make now will affect you for many years to come.

    Pleasant dreams,


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