Friday, December 31, 2010


Dear Peregrin,

I was in TGI Fridays with my parents and Marc, a guy that I am seeing. I saw Evan, another guy that I kinda like and invited him over. He came over and my parents and he were talking about my engagement to him. Marc disappeared. Next I picked up me phone to call him and I could hear him saying to a friend "after all this time tonight I was going to ask her out for real...commitment and all but Evan (the other guy} won and I won't interfere with her happiness." I tried to talk to him and tell him no, I love him but he couldn't hear me. I screamed and shouted but my phone was broken I tried to call him on the other line but his line was busy. I looked in the phone book for his parents # but the phone book was locked.


Good morning, Eutopia.

This dream seems to be telling you to take communication and commitments seriously. It sounds like a warning, showing the extreme end of what could result from irresponsible behavior or poor communication. It may not even have anything to do with Marc, Evan, or other personal relationships. There's a central theme of poor communication -- you can't tell Marc in person how you feel and you can't tell him over the phone.

To be fair, you don't seem to be receiving adequate communication, either. You overhear a conversation between Marc and his friend, but he won't talk to you directly. The locked phone book indicates a lack of information -- you may not know how to express yourself effectively.

I'd suggest that you make an overall attempt to clarify how you express yourself in general, and examine what obstacles lie in your way to getting accurate information.

Pleasant dreams,


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