Friday, January 4, 2013

Playing Dead

Hi Peregrin!

My dream last night felt really unusual to me. It just gave me an uncomfortable feeling when I woke up.

I was in some sort of class but it had a very casual feel to it. There were tons of people there. I could not even begin to count how many. We had to line up next to a cliff and were all holding hands. I was holding an old friend's, Ben, hand and some girl I cannot recall on the other side. Then someone pushed me and I fell from the cliff. I was pretty scared and I just kept falling and then this big strong man caught me at the bottom of the cliff. It was really weird because then the teacher was down there and she was says to me, "oh we're playing a trick on the class. They all think you're dead but you're not. Let's keep it going as long as possible and try to shock them as much as possible."

So I was supposed to wait until the opportune moment to come back and trick the whole class. So then I had to go into my room to wait. It was just I and someone else in this tiny room. This room actually was my childhood playroom that used to be at my old house. Then my little sister ran in and "found" me and I tried to catch her before she could run up the stairs and tell everyone I was still alive but I could not catch her. So I chased her up the stairs but it was too late. Everyone knew I was alive by then. But when I went up the stairs it wasn't at the school or cliff anymore, it was my old house. My mom had painted everything differently and she was cooking dinner and on the phone. She saw me and was like ohh hi you're here.

And that's it. It just felt like a really weird dream. Anywho that is all I think.

Good morning, Sev.

The basic theme of this dream is having a secret, one which should elicit a joyous reaction. Your secret is spilled, and the reaction is not quite as good as you had hoped for.
School settings imply learning, usually learning something about ourselves, but any kind of learning applies.
Falling has a number of meanings. In this dream your fall is not fatal, just frightening, and you're caught at the end. This could be a reference to falling in love.

What this dream sounds like to me, is that you've found a Significant Other (b/f or g/f) and wanted to spring the news, but it's not as much of a secret as you thought it was. The reaction from those closest to you is good, but not great.

This is not really a problem, just a minor disappointment. Your good news is still good for you.

Pleasant dreams,

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