Monday, January 28, 2013

Fire in the House

This dream was very realistic to me and frightened me quite a bit as the place where the dream takes place is my house in which I have always felt very safe.

The dream started with me in my room with a few friends having a sleepover type thing. My mum came in and said to me that our house was to go up in flames in an hour. It was strange as the whole dream, we knew that our house was going up in flames. My mates wrote me 'goodbye' letters and put them in an envelope ( I thought this might be to do with the fact I am leaving school in a month). I kept telling them they should come with me, because they would die if not, but they just would not budge and they went to sleep in my bed. I kept running down and putting things in the car and going back up to ask them if they wanted to come but they still wouldn't. I grabbed a box I have containing my diary, photos, things I want to keep and I grabbed the box of photos my parents have, I also grabbed the envelope. As soon as my family and I closed the front door the whole house burst into flames and I cried so hard. We drove off to where my dog was and I asked my mum if we had grabbed my dog's toys, which she had. We drove to my auntie's house to find my dog and her dog (which is dead in real life), playing together. We took my dog and drove back to the house to find fire engines etc. They told me that the only room that was not damaged was the study, which contained 2 computers and all my school work.

This dream freaked me out a bit because I knew the house was to go up, id lost two of my friends but my school work had not been damaged. I'd really like to know what this was all about.


Good morning, L.

It seems to me as if the entire dream is centered around the end of school for you. Your house, in a dream, is not necessarily the house you live in while awake. Rather, it represents your own inner self, the place where you live emotionally and spiritually.

In your dream, when you know that your house will burn, you start gathering all the things which mean something to you, trying to save them. You have your mother's help doing this, which tells us that those people closest to you understand what you're going through and want to help.

And what you're going through may seem like a contradiction, but in fact it's fairly common. While school may not be the ideal place much of the time, when you're in it, school is all you know - it becomes your whole life. So when it comes to an end, either for the summer or for good, it seems as if everything familiar is going away as well.

One bright spot here is that your study survives the flames, and all your school work is intact. This is important because it says that everything will be all right - the things you care about, the relationships which sustained you - all the important things will remain. You may lose touch with a few people, but for the most part you will be fine.

Pleasant dreams,


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