Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Same Heaven Dream Twice

Dear Peregrin,

I had this dream when I was about 7 years old, then again about 4 or 5 years ago when I was 22 or 21. It all happened the same way both times. I was in heaven on a very, very long line. It was the line to go through the "pearly gates." When I get to the entrance of the gates, St. Peter is at a podium with a large open book. I begin to enter, but before I actually do, St. Peter asks, "Where are you going?" I answer him "In there? (I signal out the "pearly gates)" He then says, "No you're not," that is when I wake up.

I had this dream twice like I said before. What could this mean? Am I going to die if I go through the gates if I have this dream again? LOL. I'm sure I won't, but I am curious, since I've had death premonition dreams and usually happen a few months later with the person I dreamt of.

Thank you.

Sky Gurl

Good morning, Sky Gurl.

I don't claim any psychic understanding, and the great majority of dreams that people tell me are not precognitive at all. Because of this, I may not be the best authority when it comes to any sort of premonition.

Heaven is, indeed, seen as the place you go after death, so being refused entry can mean that it isn't your time to die. You can have a dream like this if death is on your mind, in which case the message is, no, you're not going to die yet.

However, Heaven is only one place for souls - the ultimate reward. To be denied entry, then, can be seen as a condemnation. This meaning can apply if you feel that you don't deserve such a reward. Many people carry a heavy load of guilt - most of it they don't deserve - and someone like that may feel undeserving of Heaven.

Heaven is a place where you are supposed to meet God, perhaps even become one with God. In this case, St. Peter's refusal could simply mean that you're not ready for this kind of spiritual experience - that your interests are perhaps more worldly at this time.

There may be even more possible meanings, and more than one can apply. It could be nothing more than a reflection of some minor reward that you didn't get - how many times, for instance, do we say that this or that would be "Heavenly"? And if we can't have it, then we have been denied Heaven. And so it goes. But I really don't think you're about to die soon, especially if you are prone to precognitive dreams - you'd get a clearer message.

Pleasant dreams,


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