Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Choose a Bed

Dear Peregrin,

In my dream I went to a really big house. it was meant to be my best friend's auntie's house. the house was like a maze and I was given a map and a key, I walked through lots of rooms which were painted red. I opened a door using the key and I ended up in the bedroom. there were 12 beds in this room. all the beds were different and I was told by my best friend to choose a bed. I choose a double bed with a TV at the end of the bed. The bed had 2 pens on it, one was green and one was black. I picked up the black pen but it wouldn't work so I picked up the green pen and started to right on the pillow. I wrote the words "help me". the last thing I remember was looking at my friend's hair which was bright orange and crying.

My best friend's mum died recently but I didn't know her mum very well. I have been going out with my boyfriend for 2 months but just before that I was having an on off relationship with another guy but it was a secret. I have been working really hard recently and I haven't had much time to myself.


Good morning, Sarah.

The first clue that I got was when you said you haven't had a lot of time for yourself. This corresponds directly to the twelve beds in one room - you have your choice of beds, but obviously you have to share the room.

Your choice of bed reveals what you would like right now - a little time relaxing without having to work.

Also, houses represent the dreamer, but this house isn't yours - you may feel like a stranger to everyone right now, even yourself - especially in your relationship with your friend.

There are a lot of bright colors in your dream, and colors are very individual dream symbols. Generally, they are raw emotions - but which color corresponds to which emotion? This is your call, though I can make some generalized guesses.

A lot of rooms are red - red can be passion, anger, blood, or even sexuality.

Your friend's hair is orange, and you cry when you see it. Orange can be aggressiveness, or an end to depression - though in your case it could be a beginning. Orange is also the opposite color to green.

The green pen works and you write "help me" on the pillow. Green is regarded as a color of growth - could you be asking for help in achieving personal growth? With your friend's hair being the opposite color, there may not be any help coming from her, which may explain why you cried.

The black pen doesn't work - black is a very tough color to figure out. As a general rule, black represents the hidden side of ourselves. It may be that you are wanting to express what you feel inside but can't - and that may be why you're asking for help.

This might also explain why you're writing on the pillow - the pillow represents sleep and dreams, and indirectly the subconscious. You're trying to get in touch with your own feelings.

Pleasant dreams,


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  1. Thank you so much. Yes, I do feel foolish. Thank you for all of your help and I'll keep you posted. :)